Thursday, April 24, 2008

You're not going to be president, but at least you got a book deal!

Sen. Mike Huckabee will not be the Republican candidate, but that's ok - there's always a book deal.

Are we seriously in a world where anyone with 15 minutes of fame gets to write a book about it?

Huckabee's book, not yet titled, will be available on November 18.  11 days after the new president will be decided.  It will chronical his insights on running for office and how he thinks the conservative movement should be remodeled.  

Despite the fact that he barely gained 300 delegates, he lead a solid campaign but at no time did he pose a threat to Sen. McCain who locked up the nomination fairly soon.

Why does the Penguin Group (who is publishing the book) care about his insights on the conservative movement?  I think that the publishers are hoping that Huckabee will become McCain's running mate and that will boost sales of the book should they win.  

Huckabee's 1998 book "Kids Who Kill" was highly scrutinized as people said that he was cashing in on the Columbine shootings.

Huckabee has published two other books as well:  "From Hope to Higher Ground" about his policy views ranging from taxes to education, and "Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork" offering dieting tips that helped him loose a 100 lbs.

One must wonder how will this book reflect the views of certain lobbyists in Washington.  Will he remain true to the "untold stories of the campaign trail" or will it turn into a puff piece that will cater to the ideals of the people who contributed money toward the campaign.  

Hilary Clinton was in a similar position a few years ago when she accepted an $8 million advance to write her book.  But in the Senate Ethics Manual it said that senators could not receive any payments in advance.  The Ethics Committee, however, ended up approving the advance even though it came from a company owned by Viacom.  Viacom has many issues that are likely to come up before Congress.

The Penguin Group is a company that I do not believe would ask for any favors from Huckabee, but I am a firm believer in the saying, "If you want to know a man's priorities, look at who gives him money."


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